Printing on walls

At Wallink we use the newest generation of innovative, patented, large-format UV wall-printing system. This German technology allows to print any digital image in photo-realistic quality directly on various vertical surfaces and different materials. We offer printing on:

  • plaster,
  • wallpaper,
  • wood,
  • concrete,
  • bricks,
  • stone,
  • metal,
  • glass,
  • silicone,
  • fabric,
  • plastic,
  • textiles

and many other materials. This technology is waste- and odor-free

Your imagination is the only limit!

We can print images up to 4 meters high and with infinite width. The minimum ceiling height is 1.6 m and the margins to adjacent walls are limited to minimum:

  • 6 cm on the left,
  • 10 cm on the right,
  • 22 cm on the top,
  • 14 cm to the floor.

Our technology allows printing images in color or black and white from any type of graphic file (EPS, TIF, PNG, JPG, BMP, etc.). Drawings or paintings on paper also can be scanned and transformed to wall-printed works of art.  The printing surface does not have to be perfectly even or smooth – wall unevenness of up to 10 cm and roughness of max. 10mm can be compensated.

Please contact us at Wallink for a personalized offer.