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Transforming Regular Walls into Works of Art

At Wallink, every surface is a canvas for us. We offer direct wall printing services for both interiors and exteriors. Thanks to patented German technology, we bring colors to interiors by placing beautiful images directly on the wall surface.

The Future of Decoration is Here

We can adorn your apartment, house, shop, restaurant, hotel, or any other space by printing decorative images, inspiring quotes, or applying your branding directly to existing surfaces. Our technology is a safe, long-lasting, and waste-free alternative to wall decals, wall wrapping, or wall tattoos. We cater to private and business customers from all over Switzerland.

Focus on Quality

At Wallink, we utilize state-of-the-art German wall printing equipment and 100% vegan, ISO9001-2015 certified inks. Our mission is to provide high-end services for quality-oriented customers. Learn more about our wall-printing technology here.

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